Cari Higgins

I moved to Boulder eighteen years ago while in sales for a Fortune Fifty company. I got my first taste of Boulder real estate that first week by buying a mid-century classic in Chautauqua. In typical Boulder fashion, I left the corporate life to become a professional cyclist. During my nine years racing professionally, I have traveled all over the world and raced at the highest level of the sport. In all my travels and experiences, I consider myself so lucky to call Boulder home and hope to share this enthusiasm with all my clients.

Despite the commitment needed to become a nineteen-time US Elite National Champion, I have been a key to my husband’s real estate investment company by doing the research of buying and selling homes in the Boulder and surrounding communities. This experience I’ve had for the last fifteen years provides a unique perspective on buying/selling in Boulder and surrounding areas. The same focus and attention to detail that I needed to be a world class athlete is what also drives me to be the best real estate professional. My commitment to professionalism, my enthusiasm for this community, and my unique experience in the business fuels results for my clients

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